Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kyra of Art Doll Cool-Aberration 2009

I've finished Kyra, my last doll in Art Doll Cool-aberration 2009. She goes home to Barb in NY June 1.

Kyra is a volcano goddess. When she came to me, she had great big boobies (curtesy of Em) befitting a goddess. But she was really lacking in the hip and booty department. Instead of resorting to more cosmetic surgery, I convinced Kyra to go with a hip flounce that creates the illusion of more hip and fanny. I also colored her body skin to match her face and added some buttons that help blend in her white belt and also go with her tattoos. After securing her wings (by Jeanne) to her shoulders, I decided to restyle her long ponytail into a bun so it wouldn't get tangled in her wings. Last, I made her a torch - every self-respecting volcano goddess needs a torch.

And here're my pages for Kyra's journal. My first page documents the actual contributions I made to Kyra - her flounce, buttons, torch, etc.

The next page refers to Kyra's alone-ness. Earlier in her story, it was revealed that Kyra can't have a lover because her fiery touch will incinerate a mortal.

However, Kyra's heard of some super heros made of metal (Ironman, Man of Steel, etc) who may be up to her fiery embrace. She's rather picky, though... She's already rejected the Tinman without ever having met him. Says he's a nerd...

If you'd like to see Kyra's progress thru all eight artists participating in Art Doll Cool-Aberration 2009, go to our project blog here. Take a look at all our dolls while you're there.