Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brooch Impression

I really like the way this tag turned out.

It's not real obvious in the pic, but the horse sticks out like bas-relief. I took a small square of watercolor paper and soaked it in warm water for a couple/few minutes. Then I sandwiched it in paper towels to remove the excess water. Took it out of the paper towels and laid it over this brooch. (I removed the pin from the brooch first so it'd lay flat.)

I kindof pressed and molded the paper around the brooch for a couple minutes and then laid it aside to dry.

Next I lightly sprayed a couple coats of Krylon glossy clearcoat to each side of the embossed tag, letting the Krylon dry between coats (it dries really quickly). I did that to seal the tag so I could paint with acrylics without wetting the paper and losing the impression. Then I painted it and added the little text labels.

The tag has been incorporated into Shudayra's journal which I'll picture soon.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I read this post being SO impressed with the horse and didn't clue in until the last that Shudayra is getting it in her journal! Woo hoo!!! One more thing I can't wait to see and touch. Thank you Gail!!

Dotti said...

This is a great idea and technique...I never thought of trying watercolor paper for paper casting!