Monday, August 23, 2010

Here Goes Nothin'!

I joined The Sketchbook Project 2011. While waiting for my sketchbook to arrive, I started stressing badly over having joined. Didn't have any ideas for pages (the ones I had when I was thinking of joining had all flown the coop), couldn't believe I'd spent money on joining something I couldn't do (I'm not a sketcher or a drawer), etc. I'm just coming out of a loooooong creative block and I felt like this stupid idea of mine was gonna throw me right back into it.

Well, thank goodness I got past that. It's only a silly little sketchbook and a few measley dollars. It's supposed to be fun. So I'm just gonna fill my pages with whatever strikes my fancy at the time. My theme is "Coffee and Cigarettes" and, since playing in the sketchbook is something I do while drinking coffee and smoking, I figure anything I come up with falls into my category. :)

So here's the first spread I've made for my sketchbook.

It's mostly watercolors (watercolor crayons, which I love) with some pen, magic marker, and cut & paste. I used all my fave colors.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this will NOT be 'nothin'. Just think of it this way - it's a doll, only flat!

Dolores said...

I thought the same things about joining - but I didn't. I have things on the go now and I may not finish it if I got it.

arlee said...

I am LOVING mine! it's a great vehicle for exploring ideas for textile work--in fact, this morning the lightbulb blindingly lit up and the idea for my contribution to the new doll RR gelled!

Yours looks great---have fun firstly!!