Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Last Art Doll Cool-Aberration 2010 Doll

MA's doll, Aneelaw, is a fabulous art doll. So artsy & unique. Can't believe she's my last doll in the project.

Anneelaw was more or less a bust when I recieved her - just a head and shoulders (?) and one hand. I couldn't resist giving her some little out-of-proportion legs. Once I did that, she looked to me like a Society Lady sitting in an ornate wrought iron chair getting ready to take a bite from a finger sandwich. So then I decided a patio table was in order to complete the illusion.

Her legs are Barbie-type legs that I paper mache-ed over. The ankles were moveable, but the knees weren't, so I had to cut the legs in half and paper mache them to the proper angles for crossing. Her capris are painted turquoise to go with her hat and overcoated with a turquoise glitter nail polish. Her shoes are purple to match her glove.

The base of the patio table is a black metal thingie that once housed a glass votive holder. Something I just had in my stash that worked perfectly with her "chair"! The top is simply a paper mache-ed cardboard cutout with the top layer being a design I downloaded off the internet.

The table looked kinda empty, so I made a bouquet of paper mache and wire flowers and placed them in a painted mini liquor bottle.

And here're my journal pages.

Soon Anneelaw will be on her way home to MA in Canada. Go here to see all the dolls and journals in the Art Doll Cool-Aberration 2010 project.

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Threads of Inspiration said...

Wow Gail, I love what you did to MA's doll! I especially love her table and chair. How did that year go by so quickly????!!!!!