Monday, September 26, 2011

Black Tie in a Box

Last time I showed these guys, they didn't have feet. Well, now they do, complete with tiny upholstery thread shoelaces. The shoes themselves are acrylic painted poly clay.

These have come along slowly over the past coupla years. When I first found the skulls, I was amazed at how much they resembled tuxedo clad torsos with hands in pockets. First I made them little paper mache heads on sticks that slide down into their skull torsos. A year or so later, I made the paper mache bow ties. Just recently, I added the shoes and called them done!

I really love these little guys. I love the skull torsos. I love their misshapen little noggins. I love their black & white-ism. So much so that I gave them a special display box to live in. I was hunting for an appropriate glass-fronted box when I came across the perfect one for FREE! It was a Wild Turkey display case that arrived with the Plexiglas broken in shipping. (I work at a liquor store.) I brought it home, painted it, gave it new hardware, had a glass pane cut to fit, and Voila! My Black Tie guys have a home.

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Yvonne said...

These are just too cool G! You have such a good eye. And the box is wonderful for them.