Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dave's Doodles - Stangely Precise

Thought y'all might wanna see some more of brother Dave's cartoon art. Here's this year's Christmas card depicting him and me.

Next up is a drawing he did especially for me last year. It depicts him, my other brother, and me at the lake as kids. Mom had that "no swimming for 1/2 hour after eating" rule, so here we're waiting to go back in the water. (The shark in the background is eating our old neighbor, Robbie Downey.)

Dave's always liked to draw baseball players. I think he likes drawing the gloves and hats...

Flying things and dinosaurs and robots are other recurring themes in Dave's drawings.

I call myself the female version of Dave. I can't draw, but we definitely share the same warped sense of humor.

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yvonne said...

He's a very good artist actually! Like MA said, I'd like to see a drawing with his foot through your ceiling! :) Believe it or not the same thing happened to my sister.