Monday, September 27, 2010


Another coupla pages for my sketchbook here. I've been playing around sketching and painting faces on top of collaged backgrounds. After I'd painted these faces, I thought they showed certain expressions that combined with the backgrounds to reveal a theme.

This woman looked very sad and downcast, and the collaged newspaper clippings behind her looked like news headlines showing a brazen young woman. So I wrote "DAUGHTER MADE THE HEADLINES" & "BAD NEWS" on the page.

I really like this next one. The girl looked to me like she was holding her breath and listening for something. The background looked like dark nighttime and her face looked lit up by moonlight. So I added a werewolf or grizzly or something emerging from the dark behind her. And she whispers, "Did you hear something?" She kindof reminds me of a girlscout with that hat and sweet blouse. Poor girl better run like hell! LOL!

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