Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sketchbook Project and Sketching for Real

Here're a couple more pages for my art journal for The Setchbook Project 2011. The first shown is a paper mache page of 3 denim-clad pals smoking in the alley. (I've started using paper mache for everything - may even start patching stuff here at home with paper mache instead of Duck tape. :) ) I started this page by cutting out the body shapes in cardboard and gluing them to the page. Then I paper mache-ed over the entire page and painted, penciled, and markered over that. The facial features and clothing, etc just evolved from what I saw in the initial paint layers. I may still add some text.

The next page just kindof evolved on it's own. I'd doodled some human shapes I saw lurking in a painted surface, and I thought the expressions were of dismay and perplexity as the people looked up at something. That made me think of the Towers falling on 9-11-2001. At the time, I was also experimenting with embossing some paper using a grid-like metal cake cooling thingie. The embossed paper reminded me of many-windowed buildings... like the Towers. So it all ended up together on this page.

Then, surprise, surprise! I sat down with pencil and paper and started trying to sketch a nose that really kindof looked like... well, a nose. I've never been a sketcher or a drawer. And always wished I could. So I'm pleasantly surprised with these first attempts at sketching faces. No, they're not real good, but they're a hell of a lot better than I thought I could do. I really like doing noses and lips so far. Apparently, I like older faces with character lines and frowns. And REAL, ugly noses!


Dolores said...

How unique - to papier mache in a sketch book. I like it and I really like your face sketches. Did you say they weren't real good? I beg to differ.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm begging to differ right along with Dolores...if I could draw faces half as good as that I'd think I was pretty darn good. So don't put yourself down! As for the other pages - gotta say I love the denim look (but you knew I would!!)

Yvonne said...

Wow Gail, you just keep amazing me with your creativity and uniqueness. This is all just wonderful. I love the paper mache in the sketchbook. As for the drawing....I've always thought you were great at drawing. I've seen your work in all the journals. Now those frowns should turn to grins on those faces because the artist in you shows every time you create something. I am constantly learning from you.