Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Book

I'm still working on Raisa (Yvonne's Art Doll Cool-Aberration doll) and her journal. No reveal yet, but I can tell you I'm working 'outside the box'. LOL. I'm having fun - I just love working on these collaboration dolls.

I do have a tiny little book to show you. I made this to carry in my pocketbook for writing down the names of authors I like. So when I go to the library I can remember who to look for. It's very tiny, but has lots of pages. - for years of reading. I made a very simple codex style using cardboard and collaged paper for the cover.

Speaking of books, I've just ordered some new used books from Amazon and I can't wait till they get here. A couple on book making and some on vintage shoes and hats. Oh yeah, and one on amulets. I love pics of cool shoes and hats and I'll hopefully find inspiration for some future dolls! I put several more expensive books on my wish list (so I can keep an eye out for reduced prices), including a new book about vintage undies (corsets and such) that hasn't been released yet. And a book about horses in African art with loads of pics (also not yet released). I love horse art, too. Apparently, so do Africans - they have few horses in Africa, but they depict lots of horses in their art. Interesting, huh?

I'm having fun!


Dolores said...

Good to hear you're having fun. It makes the day go better.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

That certainly is an itsy bitsy book! I think I'd be all thumbs trying to make something that small.

Yvonne said...

Such a cute book and a great idea for keeping authors names.