Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tribal Totem

Here's another doll I made recently. I tend to make tribal or spirit type dolls. This gal was inspired by the fertility dolls of Southern Angola. She's just over 6 inches tall. She's a true mixed media creation. Started with a stick, some padding, and some wrapped fabric. Painted and clear coated the fabric so it resembles leather. Paper mached & painted the face. Her hair is zigzagged yarn embellished with glass and paper beads. Acorns, Indian corn, gourd seeds, and hemp cord are incorporated into the design.

Once again, I really like her back and side views. She fits well in my hand, too. Feels good to hold her. (EGADS! Hope I don't end up pregnant!)

I don't make dolls that stand up by themselves. I like to dislplay them laying down or propped up on a shelf or in a display cabinet. And I never hang them on the wall. I just don't think of dolls as being hung on a wall or as standing on their own. The ones I played with growing up never did. The fertility dolls of Southern Angola don't...


J said...

I love how you describe how you make your dolls. I'm going to have to do a better job of that on my own blog.

Karma Veranda said...

You know I always think we are very fertile woman and we can embrace it because what we give birth to is our art! We're pregnant with creativity and it's always a labour of love even with the times that have a bit of creative angst. So you just go on and pour your fertility dolls out into the world.
Your dolls are a blessing,\