Friday, April 17, 2009


Here's one of what I call my Peace Dolls (sorry about the sucky pics). This gal has a stick armature and a polymer clay head. Her garment is woven and wet-felted wool yarn and she's embellished with beads, copper thingies I made from copper flashing, and painted string. The birds came off a necklace made in Pakistan - they're hollow, stamped tin. She stands about 7 - 8 inches.

I can't do much with this dad blame broken shoulder. But I guess I'm lucky that the pain meds are helping as much as they are. I'm okay as long as I don't move that shoulder. The hardest things are that I can't lie down, bend over very far, or do any crafty things requiring two hands. I'm sleeping a couple hours at a time in my futon lounger, just slightly reclined. My neighbor is coming over every evening to put the dog food bowls down on the floor for me. Can't take a shower yet. Can't floss my teeth. Don't dare drive with one arm yet. But all in all I'm happy that I can do as much as I can do. It was much more difficult when i had broken ribs. But I had a husband to help me then. I'd still choose the "no hubby" life, though. LOL. This too shall pass...

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