Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So I have an old, decrepit riding mower that my ex pretty much demolished back in the late 90s mowing our horse pastures. I managed to keep it going for a number of years, but now it's dead more often than not. And anyways I can't use it right now with my shoulder injury 'cause it's real hard to steer. So I haven't mowed my "lawn" this year and the weeds have gone wild. As in wildflowers! I've been out picking bouquets!

Guess what these beautiful flower buds are.They're onion grass buds! I think they're so cool and, so far, the ones I'm drying upside down are holding their color.

And these are some cute pink wildflowers that remind me of pink lavender. (That purple bunch is lavender.) Unfortunately, I don't think they're gonna hold their petals as dried flowers, but I've really enjoyed admiring them as they dry and will continue to do so till all the pink falls off.

Who needs boring old grass when you can have wildflowers? The birds love it, the bunnies love it, the dogs love it (for searching out the bunnies and field mice), and I love it.

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yvonne said...

Yes, if people would not be in such a hurry to mow then they may be surprised to see what comes up wild. Wild things are beautiful as you have shown here. I love them! We're just too dry for many wildflowers here this year.