Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So Q was looking at the felt blanket I made for Tabula and, next thing I know, she says, "MAKE ME A FELT BAG." So I showed her the other felt textile I'd made and asked her if she'd like a bag made out of that. "I WANT BLACK AND RED," says she. (Sigh...) "AND I DON'T WANT ANYTHING GAUDY," Q specified. So I set to work and made some nice black and red checked felt and was just starting to sew it up into a bag when I hear, "THIS LOOKS LIKE CARDS. LINE IT WITH THIS." And there she was holding a piece of fabric from my stash that really does remind me of a playing card pattern.

But I hadn't planned on lining the bag... It's just a doll's bag, right? Wrong. It's a Queen's bag. So I made a lining and sewed up a nice simple, lined clutch bag. Then Q says, "IT'S TOO PLAIN." I say, "But you said you wanted something tasteful and not gaudy." She says, "I SAID TASTEFUL, NOT BORING! AND IT NEEDS A SHOULDER STRAP." Sigh. So I'll put pics up once I make a shoulder strap and embellish the bag a bit - tastefully, of course.

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yvonne said...

She's soooo demanding!!!