Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tiny Painted Roses

Last year I dried a bunch of tiny rose blooms and buds from my miniature climbing rose. I just throw 'em in a basket and let 'em dry. And they always lose their color after awhile. :( So I decided to paint the little suckers.

I used pale pink acrylic paint. After dabbing some on the front of a bloom, I blew on the rose real hard to spread the paint. Then I ran it really quickly under a drizzle of water and blew several times to spread the paint and remove the excess. After they were thoroughly dry, I coated them with gel medium to protect the paint while preserving some flexibility. The stems seem pretty secure once they're coated with the gel medium. Hopefully now I can manage to sew them on as doll embellishments without snapping them.


J said...

Beautiful. Maybe next time you could use a blow dryer to spread the paint? Blowing hard gives me a headache. : D

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I like this! Did you find the roses were quite brittle and tended to break while you were working on them? I would have thought they would crumble really easily.

Art Doll Cool-Aberration 2009 said...

No, they weren't real brittle, MA. It's so humid here, dried things never seem to get altogether, completely dry. :)

I guess I just enjoy these primitive methods of mine, J. LOL.


yvonne said...

What a great idea Gail. I'll have to try this. I've got lots of dried roses. I'll let you know how it turns out.