Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Camille - Art Doll Cool-Aberration

I've been working on Robyn's doll, Camille, and I think I'm finished adding to her. Sometimes it's hard to stop. :)

Here's where she is now.

I made her a flouncy, short skirt out of a map stiffened with a glue & water mixture. Camille's an artist and wants to travel around the world painting what she sees. So her map skirt kindof represents that. Plus the map colors match her hair so nicely. :) I'm hoping someone else will further embellish her waistband.

I also filled in with french knots and beading around her face where Susan had embroidered. I continued downward, filling in her neck down to her shoulders.

Yvonne had added the buttons to her leg. I filled in around them with variegated, ribbon-like fiber.

I wanted to put some of the tiny roses I painted in her hair, but I was afraid they wouldn't survive the handling thru five more artists. So I'm sending some along with her that Robyn can put in her hair when she gets home.

Camille is definitely a girly girl. What I really love about a round robin is getting to work on such a variety of dolls. I haven't finished Camille's journal yet, but that'll come soon.

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yvonne said...

I love her map skirt. What you did to her neck really elongates it and it all looks wonderful. The tiny roses are so cute. Great job. Can't wait to see the journal pages too.