Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Camille - Art Doll Cool-Aberration

According to her story started by Yvonne, Camille is an artist, a painter, who wants to travel the world. Well, as Camille's mother Robyn noted, her feet look like she's a dancer en pointe. And then the skirt I made looks a bit like a tutu. I took a pic of her reading an art book and without meaning to, I posed her admiring a painting depicting Russian ballet. I gave in to fate at that point and worked a dancer theme into her story...

We all know it takes money to travel, so Camille has been trying to formulate a plan for funding her journey. As it turns out, she trained in ballet throughout her childhood and early adult years. While admiring the Russian ballet painting, it hit her - she'll join a traveling ballet troupe and dance her way around the world! During her off time, she'll sketch and paint what she sees along the way.

So here're my pages in Camille's journal.

I made the tiny paint brushes from chicken feathers, toothpicks, and paper mache. Decided to put them in her journal.

Camille will be off to Barb in NY shortly. I get Persia the Pirate Queen to work on next!


yvonne said...

How great and those paint brushes are the greatest!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You do such a great job Gail! I love the paintbrushes and how you've added to her story.

J said...