Thursday, May 7, 2009


I also make goddess dolls to sell at the coffee shop. They're made on stick armatures with nut heads. I'm really not quite sure what kind of nuts these are??? I thought they might be black walnuts, but if they are, they're on the small side. Anyways, I drill thru the nut from top to bottom and sew it onto the body. But I may start drilling a bigger hole in the bottom so that I can insert a dowel or stick for more stability (Yvonne gave me the idea) - customers handle them a lot in the store and these goddesses, being prima donna types, may lose their heads over such treatment. LOL! Anyway, here's a couple of my goddess dolls. They're 7 - 8 inches tall.

Shoot for the stars!
And my personal fave (already sold), the goddess of a balanced life. Although I must say I'm a bit unbalanced, and I like other whacky folks. Guess I just like her look (my favorite colors for one thing).

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yvonne said...

Love your Goddess dolls! Let me know how the drilling of the nut goes!