Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cheap Stamps!

I don't own any stamps and I'm too cheap to buy 'em. But I like 'em. So I've been making some by cutting the design out of craft foam sheets and gluing it to cardboard. You can't get a lot of detail, but I still like 'em and they're ultra cheap! Here's what I've made so far. Pretty basic.

And here's the stamped images. These are kindof messy 'cause I was trying to hurry and use only one hand. I can get really nice stampings with a bit more effort.

You can draw or trace the design on paper in pencil and then transfer the image onto the foam. Just lay the paper face down on the foam and rub with your nail or a spoon to transfer the pencil image to the foam.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very clever Gail! You're right, stamps are incredibly expensive and most of them are limited in their use. I know I get bored with them and then they just sit around gathering dust. Love your idea!!!

Ann said...

found you through Robyn @ Dolls:Crafting and glad I did and am now following you. You are a fantastic artist and I just loved everything you have posted!! I am looking forward to seeing more!