Saturday, November 21, 2009

Persia's Journal

I wanted to show you Persia's journal cover. Em made this felt cover with ribbon and fiber trims.

As Persia's made her rounds, everyone's been adding pirate-ish charms to the cover. Here's what it looks like now, after 4 of us have added to it.

Pretty cool, huh? It's kindof an extra bonus of fun. In my stash I just happened to have a set of earrings I picked up at a thrift store or somewhere. Is this a pirate woman?

If not, it oughta be. So I added one to Persia's journal cover.

Then in my pile of old rusty metal cabinet hardware, I found an old metal drawer pull with a piratey looking ship on it. Perfect! So I made a doubloon and embossed it with the ship and a "P" for Persia and added it to the cover.

On the cover there's also fish, seashells, a parrot, a ship's steering wheel, an old rusty bit of metal, an octopus, another doubloon, a skull, etc, etc... Lots of tiny treasures.

When I was at the beach last month, I bought this little book about pirates for ideas.

I'm sending the book along with Persia for inspiration, and hoping Em's little girls will enjoy it, too.


Barbara/myth maker said...

The journal is cover is really coming to life. Everyone's doing a great job.

yvonne said...

Everything you've done is so neat Gail. I love all of it. Persia was fun to work on wasn't she. You made her a "real" pirate with those cool additions.