Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is fun!

I bought an old glass front cabinet a year or so ago and I've been meaning to fix it up to display some dolls and other treasures. Well, I never have done anything to the outside of it, but this weekend I did a quicky job on the inside so I can use it. It had a horrible picture of a hot air balloon glued onto the inside back wall. I got rid of it by collaging over it with pages from some old farmers almanacs and sealing with shellac. I had a small open curio shelf that just happened to fit perfectly inside the cabinet.

This morning, I filled it up with treasures. There's still room for more small swap dolls. The cabinet is on my fireplace mantel surrounded by some paintings done by my mom and her father.

It was lots of fun going thru my treasures and organizing some of them in the new display box.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I really like that cabinet Gail..what a great idea for the little treasures. I need to get something similar so my studio cat doesn't play with my wee things. Btw..can you tell us more about the doll you have sitting on top of the cabinet? It looks very intriguing!

Gail V said...

The doll on top is a clay fertility goddess made in Mexico that I bought in Santa Fe. It's about 8 - 9 inches tall. All my tiny goddesses are in the bowl that's with her.