Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Goody in the Mail

Yvonne sent me these Orchid tree seeds from Texas. I just love these things. Great mixed media embellishments. Thanks, Yvonne!

I haven't managed to complete any arts & crafts projects lately, but I'm working on some stuff for Susan's doll, Tabula Rosa. I also ordered and received a new cool book, ethnic dress by Frances Kennett, that Susan told us about. And it happens to have some good pics of Perusian dress - perfect reference for what I'm making for Tabula. Now I'm gonna go page thru it while I eat Stouffers french bread pizzas (my favorite!).


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I hope you're planning to plant a few of the seeds to see what happens? Either way, they look like fun embellishments.

Gail V said...

Too cold in this region, unfortunately. May have to get Y to send more seeds!


yvonne said...

You are welcome. I planted 9 seeds here and only 2 came up, and I have never seen the orchid tree except here in lower south Texas. It is beautiful. but the seeds are great for embellishments!!!!!