Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's shrunked! Here's the semi-final product.

It'll probably get cut to size and then a bit of machine and hand stitching to finish it. But first I have to make a doll to wear it.
The next 2 pics show the difference between the pre-shrunk felt and the shrunk felt. I shrank it down from 12" x 18" to about 9" x 13". It could be shrunken more, but I like it here. After wet felting and shrinking, the texture is similar to a felted area rug. Everything is melded together like a cohesive textile.

The edges are wonky because I shrank it without using a bamboo mat to roll it. Using a bamboo mat (like a bamboo placemat or a bamboo blind), you can maintain the squareness better. But since I'll be cutting it to size (and I happen to like wonky edges), I often don't bother with the rolling mat.

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yvonne said...

I like wonky edges too Gail. Love the way this turned out.