Friday, August 14, 2009

Felting Doll Textiles continued...

I've started felting and stitching my pattern into the felt piece.
Some of the design is needle felted roving and some is stitched and embroidered wool thread and yarn.
I got this vintage wool mending thread at a thrift store a while back for 10 cents a package.

At the time, I thought that was kindof a high price for some old packs of wool thread. Then the other day I went online to look for more. Boy was I surprised! These little packets of wool mending thread, that contain 24 - 30 yards of thread, are selling for $1.70 average on ebay! So guess I got a deal...
Too stiff for me, so I went looking for new wool thread and found these skeins of crewel wool for $1.60 per. Each skein contains 80 - 100 yards of yarn. Still not cheap, but at least I got a bit more for my $$.

I've progressed further on my felted piece than shown here, but I haven't gotten more pics yet. I enjoy felting and stitching the pattern in, but about midway thru I start getting antsy to wet felt and shrink the piece - that's the best part!

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yvonne said...

Love the pattern and the colors you are using!