Sunday, August 30, 2009


I just love The Queen of Hearts! She's an awesome art doll.

Here she is again as she arrived in NC.

She's so pissed that she has to be seen in her undies! I told her she's lucky Robyn made her some bloomers or she'd still be scuttlin' about in her royal birthday suit.

The Queen is a handful. My household's been in an uproar since she arrived. I've tried to capture the highlights of her visit in her journal.

She arrived as a shrieking package having terrorized the postal workers all along the route from Jeanne in Oregon to me in NC. Looks like they tried to squelch her screaming with the old stop, drop, and squash move somewhere along the way...

From the moment she sprang from the box, she's been ordering us all around and threatening to off our heads. All my pets scrambled for hiding places, so Q lit into my playing cards.

The tin foil strait jacket was my only option at that point. Plus it kept her royal bloomers from getting soiled while I worked on her head.

I built her paper mache head right onto her fabric head. I tried to follow the original contours of her fabric face - love that long, pinched nose and her chinless profile.

Doesn't she look like a spoiled rich brat, born into royalty and used to getting her own way?

Well, of course as soon as I let her out of the straight jacket it was once again...

All I hear is "I WANT THIS. I WANT THAT. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! GET ME A PIZZA!" Etc, etc... More on that later.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm going to be sorry to see The Queen leave your house's been such a delight reading about her adventures. I love her journal!!

yvonne said...

Love it Gail! LOL You should be a writer...I mean really!!!! You have such an imagination!!! LOL

Robyn L. Coburn said...

The Royal Pandemonium is my favorite journal page. She looks wonderful - rather African.