Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who'd a thought?

My chickens love tomatoes, so I give them any bad ones from the garden. Recently I started collecting all the scraps and bad spots for them in a bowl while I'm preparing the tomatoes for freezing. The other day my cat, Angel, came up to investigate. She took a sniff and started right in licking the tomato scraps.

She licks and licks and licks and purrs and purrs and purrs. She loves tomatoes! The cat is 14 years old and I never knew she liked tomatoes. Now I have to leave the bowl of scraps on the counter for a couple hours for Angel to enjoy before the chickens get their treat.

I feel kindof bad that I never shared my tomatoes with her during the last 14 years.

Angel also loves Pansy blooms. I was growing some in pots on the back steps one year and the blooms kept disappearing. I couldn't figure out what was happening to 'em. Then one day when I was sitting out there, Angel strolled up and opened her mouth real wide, and swallowed down a whole large bloom! She kept the plants pretty much bloom free. Go figure. Gotta remember to grow some for her this fall.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I have never known a cat to like tomatoes! That's incredible.