Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back in the States, Dave Continues to Develop...

So Dave returned stateside having acquired many manly traits and skills.

In WA, Dave met Em who decided a manly warrior's chest plate and wings were in order. (For, as we saw earlier, Dave had long admired Pegasus and Superman and often fantasized about becoming a flying superhero himself...)

Even more importantly, Em gave Dave the essential manly equipment. And not just one penis. Oh no, Dave is now the very proud owner of a set of three interchangeable dingle dangles!
Looks like he's ready for any situation that might arise, huh? (How did he manage overseas without these???)
His journal entries capture what was on Dave's mind in WA. You guessed it - babes and boobs!

In Ohio, Jen introduced Dave to a bunch of fairies (the little winged kind, not gay guys.). The fairy girls liked Dave so much (probably that dingle dangle collection of his. :)) they made him an honorary fairy and gave him his own pixie wings.

Coming soon, Dave flies on to NJ and WI under the power of his own wings.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

oooh...gotta love his 'accessories'!!

yvonne said...

Dingle dangle... That's funny, but three, that's hilarious!!!!