Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dave's Journey

So last July, Dave left home on a mission to find himself - and hopefully to find some hot babes along the way.

Dave's first stop was England to get some pointers from Kris on what chicks were looking for in a guy. Well, ya gotta have arms. And the more bulging muscles the better!
Kris, with the help of two friends and various small tools, managed to wrench the arms off the UK equivalent of G.I.Joe and give 'em to Dave. Now that was a transformation!
Dave also got a six pack tummy and lots of sexy tattoos which Kris assured him the ladies will love. He learned to play pool (and probably drink, though I wasn't clued in...) on the UK coast.
And, as depicted in his journal, Dave studied martial arts, dabbled in porn modeling, and powered around Kris's neighborhood on a motor bike picking up babes (what kind of neighborhood does Kris live in, anyway???!).

From England, Dave flew on to Japan just in time to accompany Roslind to Hawaii where Dave discovered that you gotta know how to surf to be cool.
Roslind also taught Dave the importance of getting in touch with your feminine side (in Dave's case, a floozy named Lola!).

Next, Dave returns stateside. But his adventures continue! Coming soon...

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yvonne said...

What a man! I mean horse...I mean...whatever, he's cute and this is great Gail! Dave is one of a kind for sure!!!!!