Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cool-Aberration 2009 - Sani

Okay, so Sani is really Shimasani and is anatomically female. But she's actually a two-spirit, possessing the characteristic traits of both the male and female genders. She's been in training for many years to be the Shaman of her tribe. As Shaman, she'll guide her people in attaining the inner peace that is the only true path to world peace.
As custom demands, the final step in her shamanic training is to go out into the world alone and naked to assemble her shamanic costume and ceremonial tools. Her stay in NC is the first stop on her journey.
Before she could begin her transformation, Shimasani needed assistance from the bat spirit. The bat is the totem of initiation and rebirth and guides the Shaman initiate in correctly choosing her other tools. This is her bat spirit stick made from the vertebrae of the fox (the totem of cunning, wisdom and swift decisions) and the wood of the Mimosa tree (rapid growth).

Sani's major totem is the Peace Dove. I made her a basket woven of colorful fibers to carry her dove in. The dove was one of those chintzy red velvet-like Christmas decorations of yore that I altered. She rests inside the basket on a horse and dog hair liner taken from a real bird nest I found in my yard.

Obviously from all the pics, I'm quite taken with my wee basket. Looks like I need to make a similar one for myself.

Coming soon - Sani's shamanic headdress!

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yvonne said...

That's the cutest thing I've ever seen! The detail you put in everything is wonderful!