Friday, July 17, 2009

Cool-Aberration 2008 - Precious

Now back to the first Cool-Aberration project.

This is Roslind's doll, Precious as she left Japan to start her journey.

And here's what she went home looking like. Ain't she precious? She's a somewhat pudgy teenage damselfly (female version of the dragonfly).

I was the 2nd to last artist to work on Precious. I added the flower sequins between the big silk flowers.

And I restyled her hair and dyed it red. She is a teenager, after all. And no teenager wants old lady teddy bear hair like she had! Here's what Precious' hair looked like when she came to NC to visit me.

And these are the pages I added to Precious' journal.

I think Precious turned out really cool and I hope Roslind likes her, too. Notice her multiple arms. Roslind attached her original arms to her original wings. And Em made Precious 3 knitted sweaters, each with their own pair of arms attached. 'Cause insects doesn't have jest one pair of arms, ya know...


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Precious is just plain fun! What (and how) did you use to dye her hair?

Anonymous said...

Ha! I actually just used acrylic paints. It works as a dye and a stiffener (like hair gel) all at once!


Threads of Inspiration said...

Gail, I'm really glad you did something to her hair, it needed work!

yvonne said...

REally cute and I love her new doo!!!

Zaa said...

I love the whimsical effect of your artistry onPrecious... Grand work..