Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cool-Aberration 2009 - Sani

I've started work on Sani, my first doll of the 2009 Art Doll Cool-Aberration project. Here, again, is what she looked like when she arrived in NC.

I'm not ready to show pics of my contributions yet, but soon.

Wanted you to see all of Yvonne's beautiful journal that will accompany Sani on her journey and will be worked in by each artist. Yvonne made a very cool fabric cover for her journal seen here.

The next pic shows the first page in the journal - a record of what Sani looked like when she left home.

Next is Yvonne's starting entry with the quote she chose to get us started on Sani.

Yvonne also included a page for pics of all the artists in the project. Very cool idea. (And the pics are only 1" x 1", so how bad can I manage to look in such a tiny image?)

Another great idea of Yvonne's was to include an envelope in which she sent 8 tiny charms - one for each of us. We're to choose a charm and then leave a little memento trinket or doodad (what Yvonne calls fragments) in the envelope for Yvonne. (This is actually what gave me the idea to send a tiny doll for each artist in Bravura's vase.)

The blank white pages are, of course, for the rest of us to journal on as Sani visits us - a record of her adventure.


yvonne said...

Glad you like ti Gail. The watercolor pages are removable you can work on them easily and you can add more journal pages if you like. Have fun!

yvonne said...

Guess what my word verification was for my last comment...had to tell was "forsani"...weird huh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that IS strange, Y!