Monday, July 6, 2009

Dave wraps up his journey

So off Dave flew all the way from OH to NJ under the power of his own wings. It's easy when you have two pairs!

I'm still not quite sure what happened with Dave in NJ with Gloria. He won't talk about it much. I'm assuming he got a little out of hand since Gloria's contribution was a box to lock Dave up in. :) Dave a handful!!

In WI with Susan, Dave ate a lot of dairy products and drank lots of beer. (Apparently Susan is more tolerant of that sort of thing than Gloria...)

Susan explained to Dave that what he wants is girls who want a little tail. So she gave him one. :) Since even that type of girl likes a bit of romance, she clued Dave in on increasing his chances by showing up with flowers.

Stay tuned for Dave's homecoming pic!


yvonne said...

The story is what makes it more fun! This story is one of a kind for sure!

Threads of Inspiration said...

Gail, this is so funny, I'm glad you are adding the commentary!