Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cool-Aberration 2009 - Sani's Journal

Back to Cool-Aberration 2009. Finished my pages for Shimasani's journal.

First I did a page depicting her two-spiritedness. I thought I was gonna have to trash this page, but I managed to save it and I really like it now. I decorated the page using watercolor crayons and it was too bright and bold. So I coated it with a glaze of sierra tan acrylic paint mixed with polyacrylic sealer. Well, then it was too uniform and dark. So I decided, what the hell, it's ruined so I might as well play with it. So I took a paring knife and started scraping and chipping off the glaze coat. In the process, I took off some of the watercolor and even scraped down to raw paper in spots. This resulted in it looking old and faded and chipped and I love it. Then I added the male and female symbols (paper cutouts) and the text and it was done.

Page 1 folds open to reveal the totem spread. Just kindof a collage of Shimasani's various totems that'll help her in wisely choosing her shamanic tools.

And the last page.

Oh, and don't forget that Yvonne requested a 1" x 1" pic of me for her artist page. Here's mine.


yvonne said...

Love the journal pages! Thanks for adding your photo too, and I'm glad you took the photo with Shimasani. Thanks.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

These are great pages Gail! I can't wait to see them for real.
Oh yeah...must remember the photo part of this...I need a new camera anyway!